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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hobby Bunker Game day (1) Carnage and Glory Guilford Courthouse

I had no game to run for the morning session I took part in Rob's Guildford Court house game. I commanded the British Left with the British Guards, 71st Highlanders and a unit of Hessian.  We pushed forward hard and fast and the first line of American militia melted before our cold steal.
The battle then became a swirling firefight/melee in the woods. The British Center burst thought the Americans but the Americans managed to counter attack on the flanks, drawing English force into delaying action that held up the formation attacking the American center as formation.

One unit of North Carolina Militia and its supporting Virginia Rifle men managed to drive back a battalion of the guards and I had to divert a second battalion to keep them form getting around our rear.

The Continental line (3rd line) counter attacked the center and made some headway before being stopped cold.

The battle was ruled an Major Victory for the British, it felt like the real battle (or at least felt like the real battle reads) and was great fun. I agreed with Rob, the game organizer, that the Americans should probably have had a lower route threshold.

I am coming to really like Carnage and Glory, there are some issues relating to the computer or so it seems but over all its a fun game to play.

Thanks to Mike Paine and Peter Lowett for the pictures!