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Monday, August 27, 2012

Photos from the new Camera

OK folks let me know if you think these are better, worse or about the same as the old camera produced. I have 14 days to play with this and decided if I want to keep it.  The camera was not my 1st choice but had the virtue of being available. Its 16 MP 10x zoom, it did great with shots of moving wolves (see yesterday's post) so I tried it on some figures when I got home, results are below.

 The Capo Farro Regiment guarding of of D'Argent's many hill top villages.
 This one seems a bit fuzzy but I think you get most of the details.
 Sane shot different angle and less fuzzy
 Close up on the command stand you can really see the lace on the officer and Musician.
 Close up of a 25mm Spanish broad sword buckler man.
 The unit as a whole forming a loose shield wall.
Work in progress Sherman E8 tank.