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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saga 1st Game

The crew that meets at game Castle decided to play Saga last night. I had been hoping for some flames of war but as most people wanted to try this out I jumped in to the fray with some loaner Vikings from Bregi.

Saga has been something of a fad lately, I have heard lots of people talking about it, so I was curious even if the period in question is not really my thing.

We did a crazy five cornered battle that initially had me facing Bob while Bergi and Ted's vikings faced Tim's sckraeling (Native Americans).

My Anglo Danish war band did well initially cutting down three of four knights in one unit but the others unit of Knights killed that unit. My "hearth Guard" troops go slaughters by Norman Crossbows! At this point I swore fealty to my Norman overlord and started marching on Bergi's men (never did get there)

Tim's sckraelings had hurt Bergi badly forcing him into an alliance with the other Ted to survive. Ted and Bergi finished off the Sckraelings, then Bob Finished of Bergi, and Ted killed Bob's lord. I was far enough away we called the gamed.

This was fun, the 5 way format and big table slowed things down but this is certainly a game I would play again. I don't know if I will buy any thing specifically for it but I have some Vikings at home that may finally get painted. This is a skirmish game so you only need a few dozen men per side.

The games key piece are special dice "saga dice" that work like cards in other systems. you roll the and then spend them to activate troops or you can save them to give you men an advantage in a battle or even stop an enemy attack form happening at all.