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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Work in progress and Camera update

Lots of projects completed recently but with out a camera to take decent pictures the post will not be very interesting.

Dismounted French Dragoons for Black powder are finished. I have based them as skirmishers and they may see action this weekend at the Hobby Bunker game day.

Finished up 3 White Scout cars to provide rides for my Soviet Scout platoon. They have not unit/national markings so they can double as Americans for mid war lists.

Also finished are 3 M3 Half-Track Mortar carriers for an armored mortar platoon. This is a cheaper and more mobile smoke option for my late war US Armor Company. That game with the tigers showed me that 105s are more or less paper weights against a lot of late war armor these I think will be more flexible.

The Cappo-Farro Regiment for the Duchy D'Argent is finished a looks really sharp I just wish I could show you!

Three new house templates are almost set for the Game Day at Hobby Bunker and the invasion of England scenario, I just have to avoid dropping them!
Not one of the new houses

Going Camera shopping to night.