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Thursday, August 2, 2012

D'Argents Army (2) Revisions Regiental names/lineages

I have decided that since D'Argent occupies a place in Europe very similar to the Swiss there will be no Swiss regiment. So a 5th native infantry regiment has been added. The guards will be addressed latter 

The Elite regiment is the Duke's Guard, about two thirds of the soldiers are the best men from the native regiments with the other third made up of young men from noble families from D'Argent and beyond (especially of the poorer variety).  As such the Guard servers as the informal military academy of D'Artgent. Uniforms are White with purple cuffs and small cloths, and silver lace. The Guard is a relatively new formation formed in the late 17th century by the current Dukes father David II.

The sole foreign regiment is de Burre's Chevalier Regiment comprised of Irish and Scottish Jacobite exiles. There coats are also red with Black cuffs, and buff small cloths. The regiment traces its origins to 1410 when the Order of the Knights Templar was disband and an Norman-English Knight (de Burre) lead a band of French and English Templars to D'Argent these were taken into service by the Duke as secular Knight.

After things quieted down de Burre returned to England as the Duchy's 1st Ambassador to the English Court. De Burre retired there reverting to English allegiance but still acting as an agent for D'Argent in trade agreements and such. Over the next 300 or so years contacts between the de Burre family and D'Argent continued.

Meanwhile the descendants of the original Templars were eventually are converted to an infantry guard company the Chevalier Guard.

The de Burre family picked wrong side of the Glorious revolution and after the failed attempt to win back the throne in 1689 at the Battle of the Boyne, Robert de Burre decided to bring his English and Irish followers to D'Argent.  These men were combined with the Chevalier Guard to form a full strength Infantry regiment. Their Red Coats harken back to the English army many of them served and the Red Cross of the Templar order.

The 4 native regiments wear gray coats with small cloths and cuffs in various colors, all infantry wear Black gaiters. The regiments now have names can any one guess were they come from? I had consider using liquor names but I have seen that done a fair bit.

Regiment Fabris, Red Cuffs (1st): The Fabirs regiment claims a heritage dating back to Sir Carriere's original band of footmen who returned with him from Crusade. This lineage is dubious at best solid records date back to the 1527 when the force was raised to support Charles the V in the War of the League of Cognac.

Regiment Didier Green Cuffs (2nd) and Regiment Talhoffer Black Cuffs, (3rd): both regiments were first raised in 1596 and served with the Forces of the Holey Roman Empire against the Turks. The Tallhoffer's regiments Black Cuffs are said to be a tribute to their first Colonel Franisco Marinie killed fighting the Turks.

Regiment Cappo-Farro Orange Cuffs, (4th):  Raised in 1625 to defend the realm in the 30 years war. The initial cadre for the regiment was drawn from the artillery and they share the orange cuffs with of the artillery to this day.

Regiment du Coudray Blue Cuffs (5th): Raised in 1630 from protestant deserters and refugees. The regiment is traditionally made up of Protestants from d'Argent or various German states.

Cavalry 3 units 1 Elites and 2 regulars

Gendarmes D'Argent are elite cavalry of the Duchy.  While a large number of the personal are members of noble families the soldiers are not like the Gendarmes of France as they do not serve at their own expense. Uniforms are Red with black cuffs and Silver lace.  Uniforms include a back enameled breast plate.

The Duchess Ariana Cavalry regiment are named for the Grand Duke's wife.  Uniforms are rose with white small cloths and green cuffs. The Regiment is commanded by Sir Rochester the Duchess' brother who may or may not agree with her that real men wear pink!

Prince Carriere Dragoons are traditionally commanded Grand Duke's heir, currently his brother.  Uniforms are Blue with Red small cloths and cuffs. The Dukes brother Lord Kevin is very active in the field drilling his men in both horse and foot exercises.