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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AK47 (1st Game)

 Got together with Ted, Tim and Rob at the Game Castle last night.  Rob and Tim had brought armies for AK-47 so we decided to do a group game.  These are "Modern" rules set in Africa.  Rob and I commanded a "colonial powers army" made up entirely of Professionals and regulars. Ted and Tim had mostly militia troops backed up by some regulars including several tanks.

Troops are sort of generic all Armored cars have the same stats, there are two types of tanks "gun"  and "new gun" infantry is infantry unless they have RPGs.

An interesting part of this game is the moral Each unit can "fail"  moral three times and you get to nominate one of you opponents units to test each turn (because war is hell and some times people just get scared). In addition taking hits force a moral check.

Ted and Tim tried to force the middle with 4 tanks and some mortars.  My Armored Cars got three tanks and forced the Mortars to run. On of the tanks kept forcing in the center an killed one of my cars. At the same Tim's militia infantry started advancing from the rear corner of the table. Ted brought in some Jeeps with HMGs and a Reconciles. Rob and I got some infantry and guns.

The fight quickly closed to range. My infantry took out the last tank with RPG shots but only after my Armored car was driven off. Ted then kill my infantry with HMG fire but lost his infantry to Robs infantry. The battle ended with pretty much every one dead or run off.

The point system gave Rob and I the Victory.  This was a fun little game it won't replace Flames of War but its a nice change of pace and made a good group game. Rules are fairly simple but not quite "beer and pretzels" level. 

Sorry for the low quality pictures I left my camera at home and had to take photos with my Cell phone instead.

I would also like to thank my readers as the blog received over 1250 views in the month of July the most ever.