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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7th Armor slaps Fallschirmjagers silly!

It seemed like such a quiet and peaceful stretch French country side prefect place for Fallschirmjager Kampfgrupp 'Von' Carriere to rest and refit. Ted and the 7th Armor had very different ideas.

 Initial deployment above with 8.8s held in ambush (Maybe I should have used the Tigers instead)

 Out of a clear blue sky we are attacked by our own Luftwaffe! (Ted was using a proxy for his air support

 Ted let loses a torrent of MG and cannon fire from 10+ tanks using his Recon to remove gone to ground. I lost three infantry teams. My Rockets got one bail and my 8.8 bailed another two tanks (this give you an idea how bad my luck was)
 Ted sent a platoon seeking around the flank my rockets failed to get a single penetration.
 Another furious fusillade of MG and cannon fire reduces my lead FJ platoon to three stands, I failed the Moral check then failed the re-roll with my company command! I really need to switch to confident troops my "fearless" troops always seem to run away.
 My 8.8s got some of there own back with five hits causing two kill and three bails. On the bright side this platoon failed it platoon motivation and its re-roll so both company commanders were off the board!
 Teds Flank move killed my 8.8 most of the cannon shots missed but several MG shots hit and made there Fire power killing this platoon. Ted also killed half my Kamph Grouppe platoon on the 2ic and one of my rockets.  It was only turn 3 and I failed my delayed reserve roll looking over the board and counting the number of MGs and Cannons Ted could bring to bear I knew he would wipe out my short infantry platoon and 2ic forcing a company moral check I could not pass. I offered Ted my hand and congratulation on well executed attack.

Some more pictures to help evaluate the new camera are below, close up this camera is awesome but for taking pictures of the table as a whole... some are great some are less than great.  The camera just does not seem to know were to focus, some times.