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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Total War at the Whiz

A number of guys gathered at the Whiz this past Sunday for some Flames of War. There was a Magic tournament scheduled at 4 PM so we set up a large board and had two allied players square off against Three Axis Players. Each allied army was 1500 points and each Axis army was 1000 points expect for Gerry who needed an extra 40 points to make his list legal.

Tom and I were each running armored companies from the 17th armor.  Toms list was pure Sherman Tanks including Jumbos.  I had a mix two Platoons of Sherman tanks, a Platoon of Stewart Tanks a an armored mortar platoon.

On the Axis side far to my left was Paul with an army of Falshermjeagers.

In the middle was Adam with his Romanian army

Holding the Axis right was Gerry with his "Army" of three King Tiger tanks.

I had to deal with Gerry's big Cats but did a poor job coordinating with Tom causing a wave off of his air craft. My pan was to get in close with the Tigers, get be hind them and hit their softer side armor.  I started loosing tanks fast.
Tough the platoon leader did pass motivation and get in position to flank the Tiger this was the high point of the game for me.
I got on hit but Gerry rolled a six and our brave platoon leader did not survive the next turn.
Adam and his Romanians had been abusing my Stewart Tanks and my Half tracks with some really impressive AT guns.
 How this one guy only got bailed I will never know but he ran away the next turn.  I should have sent the lone Stewart back out of range.

The next turn Adam killed my lone surviving Stewart and Gerry survived a strafing run.  I tried to engage in the woods but even with smoke screaning the shot I still lost a Sherman 76! (I was shooting smoke because I still didn't have flank shots.
At this point I failed my moral roll and my company ran off the board. Tom could have fought it out and he was doing reasonably well but sinse it was only 2:30 and there were other people waiting for the board we decided to play some Flames of War Tank Ace games rather than the full on battles.