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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fight in The Sudan.

 Some where in the Sudan a detachment of British sailors under the command of Sir Richard guards a lonely mission or was it a brothel? The telegram to Cairo was a little sketchy on details.
Mahadist and Sudanese forces wait on the hills to crush the infidel English. My forces are at the top of the picture Rob had some men and a gun on the hill and more men in hiding.
A British Relief column under Lord Bob and Sir Tim is approaching bearded Sihks in the lead.

Mahdist Forces charge the compound (and Broke the Sailors thanks to the Fanatics rule but as that would have ended the game we gave the sailors Steady)  they fail to break in. Bad luck jams the British "machine gun".
The English advance to find Sudanese troops waiting in the wadis the troops charge and after savage hand to hand combat (lasting two turns) the Sudanese break and run.
The Mahdist forces improvise a skirmish line hopping to hold back the English while the rest of their force charges the compound.
The battle in the fort is fierce but the English sailors hold and the rest of the Mahdist forces slip away into the desert and the mission or brothel (the English commanders are not talking!)  is safe.

Some more pictures of Bob lovely figures.  I have concluded I have a great camera if can hold the camera steady. Some sort Tripod is an essential purchase in the near future.