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Monday, September 10, 2012

StuG Cowboys and American Indians at The Whiz

Made my way Sunday to the Whiz and had a great battle with Mark's 2nd Infantry Division army.  I was running my StuG Battery for the first time and I felt the forces were well matched. I was also using a tripod with my camera for the first time and I am thrilled with the results. Some of my photos like the one above look like they could be off a movie set or something.

Mark and I rolled up an an Encounter battle meaning both of us would start mobile and have half our forces in reserve.

Mark kept his Sherman thanks (including a Jumbo) a huge platoon of Infantry with Combat Attached HMGs and his 155mm Howitzers.

I kept my Strum Platoons, my Rocket Battery and my tigers, My HQ StuG also started on the board. 
Mark used his troops Truscot Trot to get in close to me very early on.  He killed two of my Neblewarfer Rockets with his tanks.  I got back some shooting at his doubling infantry and pinned them which turned out to be the key, he men would not unpin until turn 4.
 I was pushing forward with my Tigers since only a battery of howitzers stood between me and victory.
 Marks tanks went scooting around my flank killed my Neb Battery but kept a respectful distance from the Faust armed Strum infantry.
 A successful assault by my Tigers has killed most of the Howitzers a few remain and the CinC is hiding in the woods close enough to contest by far enough that I can ignore him for the moment. Mark did not get his Reserves on turn 3 which turned out to be a good thing for me.
 My 1st StuG platoon shows up in exactly the right place at the right time and killed the Jumbo(and Platoon leader) with a well paced side armor shot.
 My Tigers and the US CinC have an old fashion Mexican Stand off.
 Mark gets one of my StuGs and Bailed anther his infantry was again moving forward at this time as well.
 Marks Stewart Tanks make an arrival but get shot up by my 2nd StuG platoon I got realy lucky getting 4 of 4 on hits and then killing 3 and bailing his 4th tank.
 Mark gets his second infantry (my Tigers are facing them) and his 57mm AT guns come in behind my Tigers still not much of a threat but I did feel like I was in a potentially bad place.
 My 1st StuG platoon is down to 1 StuG and my CinC and the Indians are closing in on me.
 Mark launched a successful Assault on me, I my CinC is still alive but is hiding among the Wrecked StuGs 
 Reinforcements arrive again right were I need them my 2cm AA guns show up to reinforce my CinC holding the objective..
 After killing the AT guns by the assault. The next turn I run my Tigers at the unprotected objective in in the far corner. The US Gives Chase using Truscott Trot.
The defensive fire of my 2cm guns breaks Marks platoon when he tries to assault and my CinC finally kills the last Sherman tank.
My tigers Turn and pin the Americans with MG fire Mark was unable to unpin on his turn giving me a win.

I lost two platoons in the process and this battle could have turned many times!  Had mark unpinned his infantry any earlier I would probably have lost. Had my reinforcements not come in exactly were I need them I probably would have lost. Had Mark's reinforcements not come in at the wrong place for him most of the time I probably would have lost. 

This was truly an Epic game, lots of back and forth with some great hits landed on both sides thanks Mark for a great game.