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Friday, September 28, 2012

X-Wing at The Game Castle

 Ted brought his new starter set for X-wing (Fantasy Flight Games)  so we all decided to give it a try. Rob "Skywalker" and Darth Ted squared off while Rich coments that this is his new "favorite game." The Battle pitted one X-wing against Two TIE fighter Luke was the pilot of the X-wing and the TIEs had veteran pilots.
 The miniatures them selves are very nice, good detail and a nice paint job. The TIE Fighter may be a bit out of scale but this is really hard to judge in the movie.
 Movement is per-ploted then measured with sticks provied by the game as a result lots of bumping seemed to occur in Ted and Robs Game.  Rob defeated Ted killing both TIEs. I Played Ted next both of us using average pilots, Ted's TIE fighters looked like Swiss cheese by the end but my X-Wing was destroyed so win to Ted.

Caft stat will change based on the pilot and the example of Biggs Darklighter is provide above. I would play again. Cost for the game is about $40.00 US for the starter set which is reasonable, but expansion sets are $15.00 per ship.  The prices are higher than I would really like (compare to an expansion set of Angles 20 were I get three planes for $25.00) but if several people buy one ship each you could have some interesting Furballs, and on the plus side you know what you are buying.