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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tank Aces (1) at The Whiz

My First Tank aces Game was against Adam. We played at the 500 Point level he had 4 Cromwell Tanks a Fire Fly and was borrowing my recovery vehicle. I had 2 Sherman Easy 8 tanks and 1 Jumbo Tank.

In the first turn Adam rolled 20 dice with re-rolls for Semi-indirect fire and didn't get a single Hit on my tanks! He couldn't believe it and neither could I.
 Adam sent his Cromwells on a run around the forest with the Recovery vehicle in tow while the Fire Fly kept a long range fire Fight with my tanks. 
 I was able to respond my tanks moving faster then Adam Expected (good old Detroit's finest may be the best weapon US Armor has)As you can see I got two Cromwell tanks.
The other one managed to bail one E8 and the other bogged trying to get into position to shoot I could have bounced Adam's hit with the Jumbos lead the way rule but I did not because it seemed way too cheesy in this case.
A double bail(and a failed motivation) caused one E8 to run but this confrontation did not end well for the Cromwell.
At the end of the game I had killed 4 of Adam's tanks had he had two left. Adam played a good game using his tanks speed to good advantage. Had we been playing with Objectives he might have won but in a kill every one "scrap yard" mission that didn't matter so much. Adam was plagued with bad dice as his first turn indicated.