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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maurice armies.

An anticipation of a up coming Succession war campaign one of the participants (Jon of Wargaming Recon) asked me to provide design an army for him to run. So I have the golden opportunity of building my enemies army!(or he could be my Allie as sides are not picked yet)  Well to help keep my self honest I honest I have built him three option I would love feed back.

Jon has a basic but not a detailed knowledge of the 18th century and has only played Maurice once (and does no have the rule book, yet).  Jon also feels he has issues handling cavalry properly so he asked for the following of his army "Something basic and straightforward with a defensive inclination is probably best.  Light on the cavalry, heavy on the durable infantry and artillery."

So Option 1 probably the most balanced army in the group.

This is force has a bit of every thing it should defend well and has the ability attack.  It also has enough Cavalry that Jon has the opportunity to try using that arm.

Option 2 Is sort of based on how I might do the Continental Army for Maurice.
Jon probably knows the Revolutionary War Army best of all armies in the period so why not give him an army based on something familiar. This is a good mix of good and poor infantry, and lots of irregulars. Feudal will lets him count these guys toward his Route level and this army actually has the highest route level.  Skirmishers gives the irregular infantry a better range and all irregulars a chance to evade. All cavalry is Irregular so Jon doesn't have to deal with that arm he can just have them cover a flank. He'll also win a lot of scouting rolls so he can choose to defend a lot of the time.

Finally Option 3 This is something of a Prussian option.

Lots of good infantry and enough cavalry to keep the other man honest Cadence and Professional train will help the infantry and Artillery get in to position to attack.  One might swap Artillery Academy for Oblique sacrificing some defensive fire power for more nimble army. 

I like all three of these armies. Option 1 is close to what I am doing for D'Argent.


I wanted an army more balanced for attack and defense and I sacrifice Rout level and long range punch in order to get Rally to the Color and Lethal Volleys which I hope will allow me to grind my enemies down in a musket dual.  The above is not final but I am happy with it.

Please let me know what you think of these.