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Thursday, February 21, 2013

More pictures form Game Castle and a plug

Tuesday night was jumping at Game Castle they have done a nice job cleaning the place up and a lot of people were in playing.

 One of those games was Robin and Adam playing Hordes (correct me if I am wrong Robin) The game was in progress when I arrived so I got some pictures.
 Robin's albino Alligator men look really cool I love the skin texture he was able to make.
Robin has a small company 3+ Painting and he is running a class on March 9th. Price of admission is the purchase of a blister at The Game Castle. You do not have to paint the blister you buy that day.
This was one of Adam figures reminds me of some thing form an Anime giant robot series.
Game Castle also had a 40K league underway but as they were playing at the same time I was I did not get any pictures.