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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Game Castle Early War FOW and others.

 It was a busy night at game Castle. With Flames of Wat, Maulifaux and 40k all being played.
Robin and Ted Playing Maulifaux
 I do not know Maulifaux well enough to describe the action but Robin and his Necro-pimp and undead whores seemed to be doing well.
 Robin has a painting class he is runnig on 3/9/2013 he has a lot of tricks to teach.
 Mean While British...
 and German armor where lined up to do battle.
 Another Peaceful European Village is about to go to hell.
 Ted is running an early war panzer list while Rob has the BAR  (British Armored Regiment)
 The RAF has its first Ace of the War as Rob's air interceptors stop Ted's Stukas 5 out of six time.
 Rob had some luck early on getting one of Ted's Moterized 88s
 and some panzer Is.
 Ted's efforts to get Rob's infantry was also unsuccessful.  Rob mean while did looses one platoon of Matilda A11s.

 But Ted lost his 2IC
 And another Panzer I.
 Ted starts to get his own back wiping out this platoon in assault and Destroying Rob's 25 pounder battery with a pincer movement (no pictures possibly because I was preoccupied with helping with the ass ult rules.
 Rob made his final push with his Matildas the 8.8 got one...
And Ted's infantry who have been hiding in the village tank another breaking the platoon and Rob's army.