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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ironclads at Game Castle

 The Yankee Fleet steams into range of the Confederate in line a breast (both Bob and I would have preferred to be in line ahead but the rules don't really facilitate it)
 Rebel commanders Ted, Rich and Rob raise steam and prepare to sally forth.  The Yankees are trying to land troops on the headland to take the forts from behind. 
 The Lead US Iron Clad opens fire followed quickly by the rest of the fleet.
 My Flag ship the USS Essex scores the first of her many hits in the battle lighting one of Teds Ironclads on fire.
 The melee quickly becomes general with hits exchanged on both sides.
 Ted realizes we have been doing some thing wrong for several turns (who knew you needed to read the book!)
 Bob's Flagship New Iron-sides steams into the center of the Confederate navy formation guns blazing.
 US Transports try to defend them selves form confederate spar torpedo craft.

 USS Katadin is on Fire
 Now we are at close range and ships begin to take serious damage.
 Rich successfully rams a US monitor but is unable to sink it.
 One spar torpedo hurts the USS Lexington but...
 the second fails to explode!
USS Essex My flagship steams in behind New Iron-sides guns blazing as we run out of time at the store.  This one was a good long way from being finished. it was probably a marginal CSA victory as one of our two Transports was badly hurt.  I might have slipped the Milwaukee through  if it took rich too much time to finish of the Lexington. Other wise the Rebels would have stopped our attack tough at a serious cost to both fleets. The CSN lost one ship out right and had 2-3 in a heavily damaged sate. The USN was about to lose the Katadin and probably the Lexington was not far behind and two other ship were damage as well.  A good game even if the winner was not entirely clear. Some close in shots of Bob's ships.

Evil little buggers.