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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maurice with Jon

I made my way down to Jon's place for a game of Maurice. I used the Army of D'Argent for the First time.  7 Regular Infantry (2 elite, 5 trained) 3 Cavalry (trained) 2 Guns and 2 irregulars 1 Cavalry and one of infantry.  For national advantages I had Rally round the flag and Lethal Vollyes with a Rout level of 13( including my Mercenary infantry as the attacker)   Jon had an army made up of units form various German states, Hess, Brunswick, Wurtemberg, Prussia ect. He also had 7 regular Infantry ( 2 elite, 4 trained and 1 conscript) 4 cavalry (trained) 4 guns, and 2 irregulars like mine.  For national advantages he had Steady lads and Artillery academy. With nothing to drape over the table the picture quality is some times a little uneven so apologies for that.
Jon and his Artillery got hits early and often contantly slowing my plans as I rallied off damage.
My Irregular regiment the Chassuer de Montana took the village on my left  drew in Jon's Grenadiers.
They didn't last long when Jon closed to contact and broke them
My artillery did manage to fish off one of the damage grenadier as the other occupied the village.
over several turns my infantry advance but the presence of the Grenadiers and cavalry on my right meant I had to defend that flank and cover the main body of the army. 
Jon Tried a spoiling attack with his infantry but the Conscript regiment was rather out matched by two trained units. 
On my right I was still trying to oust those grenadiers and was very glad when Jon added that bog using the not on the map card.  this protected me better then it did him allowing me to unlease the Prince Carriere Horse regiment at the batteries int he center. I lost the regiment but took out a gun and got a disorder hit on a second. 
Jon launched a belated sweep with his cavalry at this point had he done it earlier he would prbably have won the game or at least prolonged it.
But my men were in musket range of the guns and a savage fire fight on my left flank was in progress.
Jon is down to three infantry regiments and my elites are closing to bayonet range with his guns in the center.
Jon's cavalry got one good charge in but Duchess Ariana's Regiment of horse held their position
Regiment DeBurre sweeps thought the artillery batteries to take the objective and the win. I had two regiments and a gun broken and was down to a moral of 8 at the end of the game.  John lost 4 regiments of infantry and 4 guns and was at moral 5 by the end of the game. We played through almost 3 full decks in about 3.5 hours a good game.