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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I got these excellent fields from "enjar" or Battlefield Architect you can see his stuff here: http://stores.ebay.com/battlefieldarchitect

This is premium work and had an accordingly high price but the at $50.00 for six fields its still a good deal compared to major game manufacturers.

 This is the large size field with a good deal of brush/bushes around the edge I am thinking of adding some more flock to make it a true hedge enclosed field.
 Smaller size field with brush at two coners maybe my favorite piece of the set.
 Side by side for comparison the are the same width but different lengths. Three of each size.

 This one is a great impression of a low crop like cabbage or carrots or early season.
 More Brush on the boarders of the field.
 A muddy field maybe mines have been laid in that newly turned earth.
 a freshly plowed field or maybe one that has been left fallow for the season.