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Friday, February 15, 2013

D'Argent's Chasseurs a Cheval

The light cavalry is finished (excepting the need for some flock on the base).  Colors are a sky blue with green facings, waist coat and white lace.
These are form Blue Moons Marlborough line and I am very impressed with these figures.
They are a little more expensive then the Old Glory figures I normally use but the details are crisper and the line seems consistent, which cannot be said of Old Glory.
I will probably use these are Irregular cavalry in Maurice, which is to say they are hear to deny my opponent a scouting bonus and hopefully grant me one.  In battle they will probably just hold back and watch a flank an important but hardly glamorous job.
I think I need one more picture were you can really see the lace on the coats, have to try again tonight.

FYI I still have figures for sale on Ebay