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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fallschirmjagers Vs. 7th Armor

 The quiet French Village.
 With its vineyards,
 its farms,
 the town center,
 and its German fortifications?!
That's right German fortifications! Don and his fallschirmjagers are defending this piece of real estate and its my job with a company of 7th Armor to take it from him. Battle is fighting Withdrawal point total is 1535 Don is trying out lists for the FOW tournament at Huzzah.
 Don prepares a strong defensive position with lots of German infantry he has a platoon of PaK40s hiding in ambush.
 Recon races along the road forming a skirmish line
in front of my armor and Mortar platoons keeping the PaK40 back.
 On my left more armor and engineers advance on the mine field.
Don's initial bombardments bail two of my tanks 
One in each platoon.
 His mortars kill on recon Jeep
Don's 105s and PaK40s take a mounting toll  killing several tanks
and bailing others
May Engineers are closing on the mine field... 
 But never make it.  I am a closing on one of Dons objectives as it turns to to turn 6 and he pulls it away. I concede the game at this point as no other objective are in reach I have lost my Engineers and my Recon platoons, my armor is badly shot up as well. .  I shot up Don's Bunkers and killed all but the command stands of his PaK40s and his Light 75mm recoiless guns but Don was able to pull them away meaning he gets a 6-1 tournament win.

A big 40K game was also in the offering a the next table over