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Friday, February 22, 2013

Chasseurs de Montagnes

 D'Argent has a number of out mountainous regions on its boarders that must be watched and policed.  The Chasseurs De Montagnes fulfill that roll.
 In peace time they act as a boarder guard and police force keeping law and order in the highland regions. in time of war the act as skirmishers and guides for the army.
 Note the Drummer has a white bonnet so his officers can find him quickly communication by drum being essential on the battle field especially for irregulars.
 I dressed the base with some aquarium gravel I may need to give it a wash to provide a bit more texture as these are
 These are Bluemoon Figures and the detail on them is awesome I really love the casting. These are dismounted French Dragoons from their Marlburian line
The lace on the front of the coats is a good example, it was easy because the lace was so well sculpted. Just a light stoke with the brush and its all set.