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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wright Museum of World War II

Standing in front of their iconic tank breaking through a wall, sure to grab your attention if you are driving by. 
So I have wanted to check this place out ever since I read about it on my friend AJ's Blog  a little over a year ago. Ariana and I have been on vacation in the Lake Ossipee region and this is short drive from there.  As icing on the cake we got in free thanks to the Smithsonian museum weekend  but the museum was well worth the $24.00 per adult we would have paid. The have a good collection of vehicles and an even more impressive collection of popular culture items from the World War II era.
Lots of additional pictures are available here
Here here I am in the main vehicle room with their Sherman tank Alice
The lighting is a little bad but any Flames of War player recognizes this air plane the L4 and knows if an American player has one your in for a long day.
The White Scout car is one of my favorite vehicle of World War II you can get a great view of the mechanism that let you move those Machine guns to any position on the vehicle you needed them in
 This half-track mounting 4 M2 .50 Caliber Browning Machine guns is named "Chatter Box"
US Marine equipment from the Pacific Theater 
Now we get to the most impressive part of the collection, lots of places have military collections from this period as good or better but I don't think I have seen one with some much American Pop Culture. This is an army nurses kit, so that even little girls(or boys who wanted to be medics) at home could join the war front.
More children's toys Tank, race car, toy gun and a precursor to Barbie and/or GI Joe.
They have the front cover of every Life Magazine from 1939 to 1945.
Its not all War stuff here we have an early ski resort advertisement... never seen any one dressed like her on the slopes, she looks like she should be selling a Caribbean cruise or maybe rum
In 1942 Santa was delivering war bonds... think about finding that under the tree.
these are items that were all produced to soldiers away form home could send keepsakes to wives and sweethearts (may they never meet).  This proves that even while fighting the greatest war in human history Americans are still ready grab any chance to make money they can find. The Wright Museum is in Wolfboro New Hampshire and is well worth the 2 to 2.5 hours it will take to see every thing.  Its a well worth the trip if your an enthusiast for the World War II era.   I was very impressed with the information they had on subjects like rationing, victory gardens and pop culture.

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