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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Well of Darkness

Another one of those cool terrain pieces that I wish Reaper made more of.  This is called the Well of Darkness and it has a distinctly Lovecraftian feel to it. I love the fact that it sows some damage but is mostly in tact. I used neural gray and dark german gray paints from Vallejo and bronze for the for the metallic bits.  I also put just the slightest bit of green in the upper right of the structure to suggest some moss clinging to the stone. I have some plans for the bowl of the well but for now black will do..
The rear of the model is just as nice with its strange arcane writing.  I am looking forward to making this a key part of some mission to Frostgrave.

Here is an idea for using it in the game when a Wizard drinks from the well he must make an will test opposed by a D20 rolled by his opponent.  If he wins he gains a +1 to an ability score for the rest of the game,  if he loses the test he must roll on the permanent injury table and suffers that ailment for the remainder of the game.

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