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Monday, September 21, 2015

Hasty attack 99th Infantry Vs Volksgrenadier (Nuts)

Sunday I made my way to The Whiz and found I was matched up with Ted.  After a bunch of games playing Germans I was looking for ward to dusting off my US infantry.  
I was rusty and about the time I finished up my deployment I realized I should have done things differently but Ted was on the board and his men were advancing fast. (Hist infantry get spearhead moves and his recon got that and its spearhead move!)
He's moving up on both wings and making good use of cover.
Ted got a good bombardment early on it kept my Long Toms more or less out of the fight for 3 turns!
Then his Assault gun armed scouts came in hard and fast.
They hit my men but didn't get any kills...
I killed several of them..
and followed up with an assault on my turn... I killed a few men...
But Ted killed most of mine..
I did get a Panzer IV assault gun with an artillery strike.
My armor using MG fire and artillery did more damage to Teds infantry but not enough... and my armor got taken out on the following turn. Neither of us really had the strength to pus forward.  I still had two Dug in platoons of infantry and 5 guns (lost one of the long toms) plus an AT unit of bazookas.  Ted had his armor but would have had a hard time getting in on the objectives unless I screwed up.
Since we were not keeping time I conceded Ted had hurt me more than I hurt him but he would probably have clocked out in a tournament.

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