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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Norse Dwarf form Menhir Games' Fantasy Champions from around the World Kickstarter.

 This is the Northhalfar Dwarf Champion form the Kickstarter inspired by scandinavian legends
 The cloak looks awesome as if its caught in a stiff breeze I like the pose and thinking this guy would look awesome with a half dozen or so buddies to either side.  That shading quite as extreme as it looks(and the blue is darker) but this was the best picture I could get as the images today.   Blue as a color choice might have been inspired by Thorin from the Hobbit.
Overhead shot the armor on this guy practical but has a lot of detail I wish my skill as a photographer let me show you more. I'll use this guy as a Man-at-Arms and possibly a knight in my Norse themed Witch Warband and he already has a wizard notched into his spear haft

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