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Friday, September 11, 2015

Surrounded US 9th Armor Vs. Panzer Lehr at Relentless Dragon

 Austin wanted to play some Flames of War a head of a tournament at the Whiz this Saturday so we met at the Relentless Dragon and he set up this lovely table with a cigar box table cover his forground buildings. WE roll surrounded for the mission and since Panzer Lehr is always attack Austin was suck in the middle.
 On the near side I put my Panzer IVs, Pumas and Gepanzert Aufklarung(GA) Platoon  along with the HQ and 2IC Panthers along with my artillery.
 On the other side I placed my Panthers and an observer (behind the house)
 Austin had two main line two infantry platoons facing west, on infantry and a Engineer platoon facing east with AT and artillery in between.
 Spear head advance at the eastern objective.
 Then dismount and advance using cover.  I pinned Austin's east facing infantry and Engineer platoons.  his recon platoon should have advanced into the church in the recon move phase but he forgot about that until late in the game.
 I mad a mistake isolating one panther and Austin's armored infantry advances fires bazookas and misses. latter he attempted to assault but failed tank terror.
 The other two Panthers got bombarded but I was lucky...
 and only got bail result and I easily remounted the next turn.

  Austin is still pinned and my assault goes in
 I am forced to fall back after the exchange...
 and I may have gotten too agressive... on tank was bailed out going in and I forgot the Shurtzen rule
 After a turn of combat we have some dead infantry but two bailed tanks and a destroyed tank too,
 but my lone active tank keeps up the fight and gets a kill and Austin fails to motivate saving my two bailed tanks.  On his turn Austin tries to assault but one stand of his draws in a lot of fire from my GA platoon and the platoon gets pinned.
 In a very clever move Austin smokes two of my three panthers but even with harder hit numbers I manage to pin the platoon with MG fire when he attempts the assault.
 AT Guns and bazookas bail my two Pumas.
 on my turn one Panzer remounts but the darn platoon leader is stuck and so is the platoon. my GA platoon assault sand kills Austins CO and drives back the AT platoon then sneaks in to the building the top right of the picture contesting the objective.  My Panthers break the platoon that has been attempting to assault them.
 Austin brings his priest into direct fire but his rolling is pore and my save ar good.
 A recon platoon and an infantry platoon move in on my now reduced GA platoon and pin them by fire with comparative eas...
 The Assault is brief and bloody and my infantry are killed in close combat.
 Artillery and two Panthers can only get two bailed out results the priest

 with the Panthers against Austin's mortar platoon left to hold the objective three swings and three misses.
But Austin fails to motivate and because of the Guns fight or die rule the mortar teams are forced to run and that means they are destroyed giving me the objective.

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