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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Young Female Mage

I've been quite for a bit as Ariana and I have been vacationing in New Hampshire's Lakes region. This young lady was painted and photographed be for we left but I haven't had time to write up a post. This is one of Dark Sword miniatures "Master Works" collection and is called "young female mage.  It could work really well as an apprentice in Frostgrave. The spear she carries means she could easily be any young person who finds herself in a fight or adventure and is making the best of things.
I did the cloak in blue with white trim to recall my pagan Wicca for Dux who is also my Witch in Frostgrave. No gold zigzag pattern in the white as she has not earned such distinctions. My witch has blond hair so the young mage has black hair to contrast.
The senior witch is as hooded and has a closed stance were this girl is far more open in her stance. I am very pleased with how the torch came out.  A more senior magic user would not need such mundane light sources but a younger mage would. The pink tunic was Ariana's suggestion and again helps highlight the youth of the figure.

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