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Friday, September 4, 2015

Frostrave Rabbits vs Dwarves

Las night we got in not one but two games of Frostgrave up at the Relentless Dragon.  We were joined by two new Players.  Mike who I met at painting night at Three Trolls and Ryan who has been my friend(his wife and my fiancee have been friends since grade school) for several years and has expressed interest but we haven't been able to get him to a game
Once again we are clearly at some ceremonial site on the out skirts of Frostgrave.  Dave was running is Dwarven Witch war-band I when my elementalist animals war band (probably not the one I will run in a campaign but one I will keep as my permanent 1st level band).
My casting of fleet feet didn't work out and I moved up to secure the treasure.
The thief has the treasure and off he goes.
Dave moved his wizard in to snipe at my apprentice and his escorts with grenade.. I have my wizard hit him with elemental bolt but fail the roll and sting my self.
Dave grabs his first piece of treasure.. 
Spawning a wild dog on my side of the table.
Spells are slung back and forth my apprentice failed his spell roll...
As did my wizard... but the man at arms is advancing on the Dwarven wizard and my second thief has a treasure token as well
Finally my wizard scores a good hit with a elemental bolt on the dwarf wizard... sending him heading back for cover with his beard smoking (he cast heal on himself limiting the damage)
Fighting the wolf is not going well.
Dave puts a wall of fog down to limit my elemental bolts (he had a lucky escape as he ducked behind the wall.)
Rather than blast away my apprentice casts leap on the man at arms with him and lands next to an unsecured treasure marker.
My ranger and Dave's apprentice have been swapping poison darts for arrows he missed, I got a devastating hit.  Dave's apprentice was now at 1 hp and tried to case poison dart... he rolled 5 below the number needed to cast inflicted 1 point of damage on himself... lesson don't case a spell when you have 1 hp (unless its heal when the reward might balance the risk).
My ranger twitching his nose in surprise at his good fortune grabs the treasure token and heads for home.
Mean while I have grabbed the last treasure token and have a good head start as my wizard buffed the Man-at-arms rabbit with fleet feet.  I won 4 to 2 as it not a campaign game we didn't tally up experience.  We did discover I had gotten something in my head that was just plain not in the rules. I thought wizards added their will bonus to their spell casting roll but Dave and I both did a double check and I was wrong.  Body count here was pretty low as both of us had bad dice at various times.  I was especially bad early, Dave was especially bad late with terrible consequences for his apprentice.  

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