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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fort Devens museam

Saturday I spent the day at the Fort Devens Museum taking part in their game day. You can see the AAR of the  Russian Civil game in an earlier post but I also wanted to share some really cool items the museum has on display.  Uniforms and soldiers equipment are a key part of the display
World War II era US Cavalry equipment
World War II Uniform. 
World War II Uniform. 
World War I US uniform
US World War I equipment
including a trench knife.
US Cavalry uniform and gear from the interwar era.
World War I era manuals...
Full US World War II kit and snow/ Mt. troop gear in the back.
Pup tent and Quartermasters cart
Gear relating to the 10th Mountain Division
World War I German Dress uniform from a POW held at the camp.

Models or US World War II vehicles.

Vietnam and modern era equipment.
Crafts made by men recuperating at the military hospital on the base
Base ball uniform for one of the military teams at the base.

World War I field kitchen range for baking bread.
Cooks manuals from World War I

More World War I gear including an original Yankee Division patch

Part of a Nazi Flag captured by the 1st Division in World War II
Patches of Divisions that have been base or staged through Fort Devens through out its history.

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