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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Russian Civil War.

Peter Lowitt arranged a game day at the Fort Devens Museum and I made my way there and soon found my self commanding the red side of the conflicts between the Reds and Whites 
 This town is the focus of our conflict...
 Reds this was my army...
 Whites the other army.
 We advance for the glory of the workers of the Soviet Union!
 The leader of the White cavalry at this time is a cute little girl who wants to play with the Horses.
 I am trying to take the house from the right and front.
  The cavalry advances... the young lady has been replaced...
 The cavalry clashes, despite being out numbered two to one I manage to win the fight.
 the Whites have gotten in to the Village.
 I have my men in position... on the right...
 and in the center but there are a lot of whites in that village.
 I continue the cavalry battle... chasing of the infantry and the tachanka off  but I lose the cavalry fight.
 A series of hand to hand fights explode in the village... first the front and then...
 on the right... but I am unable to break in.
 On of my cavalry is broken and my tachanka is also sent away
 I try one more thrust in with my troops on two sides of the battle of on both sides of the village.
I broke in on the front but the Whites hold on the right... and we call that as game.  A white victory but on with heavy casualties.

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