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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Egyptian Themed spell caster

In Ancient Egypt at least among the gods magical power was accessible to all.  Isis one of the most recognizable goddesses of that land held to a mighty used of magic and in many tales used her magic to even the odds for herself or her son Horus so it seams appropriate to field a female spell caster with my Egyptian Themed list.
This is the Reaper miniature they call Katarian The Invoker a most unegypian name for hat is clearly an Egyptian figure. She might be a bit chilly in Frostgrave and normally I stay away form  female miniatures that show this much flesh but I made an exception here because the costume is inspired by if not exactly a replica of dresses seen in Egyptian art.
I mean this image of Isis(left) has even less coverage above her waist so by comparison our girl looks conservative. This inspiration for the Head dress is also visible on the queen making offerings. 
The cat by her ankle was one o the reasons I wanted this figure its rare you get a miniature with a "familiar" and its seems so perfect.  I like how its paw is on her foot like its trying to hold her back, offer support or give a warning... of course its a cat so it might just want its food bowl filled.
The head dress is stunning and the gold with the black wash really came out well. Unlike the historical images it seems to contain and hide her hair. You also get a good look at the back of the cat.
I'm really pleased with how her face came out and with the flame coming out of the bowl that she is clearly using to summon some magical aid.
I was initially worried that she would look out of scale with her fellow spell caster (who is master and who is apprentice I have not decided) but they actually look good the difference in height is due to the male figure having the extra bones base. The male figure is bulkier but not overly so and not beyond what me might see in real life.  The two of them bring to mind Yul Brynner(as Ramesse II_  and Anne Baxter (as  Nefretiri) from the Ten Commandments , I hope they get along better.

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