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Friday, September 25, 2015

1st Campaign "Battle" Enchanter Vs. Witch

Despite my original Egyptian Themed plans I just didn't like how the Summoner played for me swo opted to go with the enchanter.  My mix of spells are as follows Enchanter: Strength, Enchant Weapon, Telekinesis. Witch: Animal Companion; Sigilist: Push; Elementalist: Elemental Shield; Summoner: Leap; Thaumaturge: Heal.  My war band consisted of 3 thieves, 2, Archers, 2 infantry men and Snow Leopard Animal Companion.
We used the rules for a standard game with one addition 4 randomly generated monsters two on each of the "Neutral" sides.    I won the first initiative roll so I got to pick my side.  Dave had set up 3 tokens almost in a chain along one side... I took that one.  Sending a thief at two of the tokens and my apprentice and a team at the third.   My Wizard as after a 4th token in the woods you can see in the upper left of the picture.
My apprentice and Archer and infantry man have one token in sight and try to shoot but misses the armored skeletons.
My wizard moving forward with her dog soldier infantry man the halfling thief leads the way.
The Dwarves on their way seeking out treasure... and
Laying down fog to screen to limit my shots. My wizard moves up and tries Telekinesis to grab the 4th treasure token but I rolled a 1...
Dave's thief gets their first and grabs the treasure but my thief engaged him...
Then the trolls come in, I actually win both combats and but trolls are tough to kill.  Dave hits his own thief with poison dart and I think for a moment that might let be get him... but with trolls in the way
and the leap spell as his call Dave get his thief clear.  He also hits one of the trolls with poison dart so it can chase him down but that helps me too.
Dwarves are falling back I used Push to get one of the trolls out of the way.. and my team kills the other.
The troll comes in again and I push him again... sending him back...
One last shot to discourage the trolls pursuit... then running away through the fog.. getting my team out of harms way.   I got 240 Gold Crows, a very nice Robe of Arrow Turning (some of our players have lots of archer so this will be really handy) I also got two Grimoires both Elementalist Spells Call Storm and Elemental Bolt.  I got my entire war band out alive, as did Dave, the monsters on the table made the city the biggest enemy. Davy probably could have hurt me while the trolls were engaging me but unless his wizard had killed some of my people it wouldn't have gained him anything and once he used Leap to get his thief away I had little reason to pursue him... with trolls in the way.  Now I have to decided which hide out I want.  I'm thinking either the Inn(extra Soldier), Library(small random chance of a scroll or grimoire)  or Laboratory(+20 experience after each game).

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