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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Cat in full plate

There are a whole bunch of painted miniatures posts coming that just don't go together as a group I'll be posting one or two a day if I don't have other content.  As a side note the Blog passed 150,000 views over the weekend the next Milestone is 200,000 and I think a prize drawing of some sort might be in order.  Hopefully we don't hit that number before I decide what it will be. 

First up we have another Critter Kingdoms figure from Dark Sword 
I must say I love this cat's face but a cat in "Full Plate" armor seems just wrong somehow.  Cats are quick lithe creatures that should be lightly armored relying on quickness and nine lives in battle... That said the armor is excellent...
the back is just as detailed... also from the fur on the ears its clear the ears poke through the helmet... that makes sense.  The Cat we owned growing up would get seriously pissed off if you messed with its ears, that said ears that are exposed out side a helmet are a serious liability in combat so I figures the "fur" is actually metal work on the helmet.  I have no particular plans for this figure but it could be a good "Templar" in Frostgrave.

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