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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Advanced Firearms for Frostgrave

So these Ideas aren't really for Frostgrave but more for old west and pulp era games using the Frostgrave rules. They are based on my admitedly limited knowledge of firearms band my somewhat greater knowledge of games so input is welcome

First of all we need to divide firearms into some subcategories.

1) Shoulder fired weapons. I'm being vague here but we will call these any weapon fire using two hands and steady against your shoulder taking deliberate aim. It doesn't matter if its a Winchester Repeater, a single shot "buffalo" gun, a rifle musket or a 1905 Springfield.  All such weapons will have a range of 30 inches to give them an advantage over Bows crossbows and  primitive firearms. These will be divided into two classes single and multi shot shoulder fired weapons.  Single shot weapons will require loading and firing as two separate action, loading being classed as a move action. Multi Shot weapons will be eligible to shoot twice in a turn with the second shot taking a -2 penalty.  For simplicity sake we will give all multi shot weapons a magazine capacity of 5.

2) Hand guns are any weapon held and fired one handed. Lets give them a range of 12 so they are out ranged by bows.  Again we won't worry about the exact type of handgun but give them all a magazine capacity of six.  Handguns can fire twice in a turn without penalty.

3) Shotguns these guys are a special case you fire them from the shoulder (most of the time) but you point them rather than aim them like a rifle.  So lest give them a range 24" and let them fire two shots in a turn with no penalty.  They only carry two rounds so it will take a an action to reload the turn after you fire twice.

Now I am going to throw a little bit of a wrinkle at you... When using a firearms at a target more than 4" form your figure you use the shooting skill.  Close in that is 4" or less you use the fight skill.  My reasoning is that it seem to me that shooting at range and using handguns in close seem to me to be two separate skill.  This is why military and police forces train on both the range and in close combat exercises.   Additionally we will give shoulder fired weapons a -2 when used close in as it's harder to bring them online and take deliberate aim(your shooting from the hip so to speak).

Let's give shoulder fired weapons a +3 to damage making them a little better than crossbows and handguns and shotguns the same +2 to damage enjoyed by crossbows.

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