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Friday, September 4, 2015

Frostgrave Witch Wars

For the second game we made a few changes. One I switched to my lager but less elite Norse Witch war-band. Two Dave had Ryan run his apprentice while Mike ran my apprentice.  Three I gave Dave and Ryan two extra figures to use as Thugs 
Finally we stated with some creatures on the board rather than checking to see if they popped up randomly.  Each of us placed three creatures including a bear,
a snow leopard, a wolf and..
three armored skeletons.
I advanced up with my Witch, a thief, War-hound and Man-at-arms (a Dwarf) The wolf quickly killed my Dog!
My Dwarf Man-at-arms engaged the wolf but  did no damage and my curse failed
Dave meanwhile was climbing for treasure
and other dwarves were lurking in the woods
Mike had an armored skeleton engaged by our ranger and two thugs.  While our second thief took a treasure token
One dwarf from Dave's team claimed a treasure but got mauled by a bear
Meanwhile Ryan and Dave had another treasure token a spell battle between our two wizards "raged" in the center me trying to cures while Dave cast poison dart multiple times but never landed a hit.
Dave's wizard began to withdraw after I finally got a curse to succeed.
He was chased but I couldn't attack...
Ryan's Templar engaged Mike's tow thugs while Ryan's thug secured another treasure item. Ryan used fog to secure his Thugs escape but was shot down by Mike's Ranger (Mike and I had three in and by now and our opponents had secured two).
The Templar takes down one Thug but gets hit hard by the second.
Dave's wizard comes to a bad end between a bear and my Dwarf Man-at-Arms.

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