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Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Toys from Bad Squiddo Games

A long awaited package arrives from Bad Squiddo Games in the UK, lets see what is in the box.
A thank you note with a little personal message a very nice touch 
Some advertising...
The Believable Female Miniatures line is why I came to know the Bad Squiddo line I hate cainmail Bikini's and similar silly out fits for female adventures and warriors.
Free candy! another nice touch.
OK the important stuff!
Four Viking Shield-maidens from Bad Squido's own line...once I put them together I will have to do a size comparison but I think they should scale well with my existing collection.  One of the lasses is missing an arm but Annie (who goes by the nom de guere Dice Bag Lady) has already promised a replacement.
Two ladies from the North Star collection the young fire elementalist who have a strange resemblance to two ladies associated with a popular animated film.  These might wind up belonging to my niece who is obsessed with Frozen in a project that is similar to the Santa Mouse I did for my nephew William last year.
This one is a Belt Fed miniatures, I don't like most of this line's female figures because the out fits are too skimpy and impractical but Æthelflæd Lady of Mercia  is a great figure and a woman I would take seriously in a fight.  Great stuff, shipping was fast once the product I wanted was available and Annie did a great job of communicating through out.

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