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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Works in progress

 Frostgrave has gotten me inspired to build some new terrain Scatter terrain and a monument square.
 For the monument I am using Aethelflaed from Belt Fed Miniatures I put a magnate on her base so I can use her as a statue in the living museum scenario
 Or mount her atop this pillar as part of the cityscape, I'm going easy on the rubble so this can be used in other games as well.
 Scatter terrain, this one is nearly done, just need to prim paint and add the snow.
 A second scatter terrain piece, not quite so far along but it will be ready soon.
 Working on a two story building, vertical height is important in frostgrave  as it keeps sniping by archers to a minimum.
I'm doing a little stone this time to suggest a foundation.

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