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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Frostgrave Campaign 5: Three way Worm Hunt.

Today Mike, Sandra and I met at the Relentless Dragon today and set up a large table for  three player game.  Before getting into the action here is the table.
The table is a mix of my terrain and Mikes and the two set work really well together.
Mike has made there great catwalks and multi-story structures that really add a cool new dimension to the game
We agreed to have Two players start at the corners on one side and the other start in the middle in the other side.  Mike and Sandra got the corners I had the middle opposite them.  We agreed to do the Worm hunt scenario.
My two halfling thieves have been upgraded to Treasure hunters and my wizard has added Grenade to her in game spell.
Sandra's mouslings on my left moving to the ruined tower to get treasure in their
I'm moving up taking aim at two treasure tokens on my left ...  a
Mike and his war band are moving in to contests possession of several  treasure tokens.
An imp threatens Mike's archer..
But he hits it with blinding light.
Telekinesis snatches one treasure tokens form Mike's reach and my halfling gets ready to run with it.
Our dogs engage it the woods while other soldiers of  our war bands maneuvers for position but we are both being cautions.
Mike's barbarian move for a treasure token but gets a storm of shots but they all miss and a worm arrived and engaged him. The game got pretty busy Mike Blasted one of my soldiers off the catwalk with push, and he killed my dog. I hit mike's dog and one of his thieves with grenade Sandra was grabbing treasure and whacking wandering monsters on the left and moving in on the worm with her wizard.  My Apprentice also snagged a treasure with telekinesis and my other thief grave a treasure token on the far left of the table
My archer recovering from the fall hit mikes wizard hard ten ducked behind cover.
Mike's dog a little singed from my grenade runs down my halfling but can't engage.
Mike tries to take down the worm... but rolls a 1 on his grenade spell killing himself he lost track of his hit points.
Thinneth sweeps in and kills Mike's dog breaking the halfling free her first kill in 5 games. She took out the thief the next turn.
My other halfling has a treasure token but 6 mouslings are in range to catch me if I don't find a way to get him out.  My apprentice casts teleport using a scroll and...
Samo is safe from harm... 
The halflings beat up a snow man construct to taking out their frustration
Mike's apprentice has hit my treasure hunter Aelric with blinding light but my barbarian is running interference for him keeping his counterpart at bay
Sandra and her war band take down the worm earning an extra 100 XP
Thinneth uses leap to get my blinded treasure hunter out and Mike's treasure hunter is in trouble tied down my my Barbarian and my wizard secures here 3rd kill of the day.
Mike's apprentice is running from the demon who killed his archers.
But the push spell sends him a long way off.
And my my party withdraws with 5 treasure tokens.  Sandra got 2 and killed the worm, while mike settled for one token.  Thinneth got three kills and we got off five spells a total of 320 XP points for me.   I found a Grimore with the Spell Combat Awareness, and a staff of casting for the Bone Dart Spell (not on my list).  I also got 8 potion! Elixir of Speed; 2 Potions of Invisibility; a Teleport Potion;  a Potion of Invulnerability, an Explosive cocktail, a Potion of Toughness and an Elixir of Life.  My wizard is now 14th level, this was probably my best game, both in terms of results and in terms of how I felt how I played my War Band played.

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