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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Frosgrave War Band of Thinneth

Thought folks might like an introduction to the members of my War band. 
Thinneth (Elvish for Pale Woman) a 14th Level Enchanter as of this writing is the intrepid leader of this War Band.  Contrary to the Elf and Wizard Stereotypes she lives for hand to hand combat perhaps a little too much so.  The band makes their home in an old laboratory of a long dead wizard, the team has acquired a Sarcophagus of Healing and built a kennel. 
Ap Rosser is Thinneth's second apprentice (the first was killed in our first trip to Frost Grave) Ap has had a bit of bad luck himself he has a permanent limp due to a mangled leg.
The treasure acquisition part of the team is headlined by husband and wife Hobbits Samo and Caltha Harfoot.  This is Samo the husband half of the team...
And this is Caltha both are Treasure hunters (though I started running them as thieves but promoted them) Thinneth hired them as a pare before her first expedition, they have proven well worth their hiring  fee.
Thinneth's battle companion Drazenko a Barbarian from race form some where to the east his resemblance to hound is clear and his loyalty once given recalls the breed as well.
Lucian the party ranger of Lepus like humanoid race from Thinneth's home land.  They have know each other for years and have each others full trust. 
Ap Rosser's Animal companion Bumby (named for Ariana's teddy bear) as loyal a warrior and friend as one could ask for and a great terror to mousing. 
Miska (in the center) our parties faithful war-hound leads the way into the dangers of the ruins.  
Arnulf and Rou a pair of archers who agreed to join Thinneth in her quest to uncover the secretes of Frost Grave.  Arnulf is currently much admired for taking down an opposing wizard in our last adventure.
Aelric the Swashbuckling(Treasure hunter) human adventure, skilled with sword and dagger.  While the to hobbits go for the easiest to grab tresure Aelric is often sent off on his own to grab items that might require a fight to obtain.

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