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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scratch built Frostgrave ruin

This is one of my first efforts at entirely scratch built terrain so please let me know what you think. 
Stage one put the cork board on a balsa wood base.  Added broken bits of cork and  aquarium gravel to simulate wreckage.  I might add more to the center of the building but that could make it harder to place miniatures inside.
Next I primed in White and did a little painting.  Gray for the walls and rubble and a light brown for the window frame
Then printing out a brick tile design I found on Pinterest fro the main floor area.

 Then it was time for some gravel, snow and a few tufts of dried grass poking out from the snow.
 To give it the right look I put snow on top of the walls as well as on the base.
I might want to add just a little snow to the center so it doesn't look cleared out but it will do for now.ready for a game of Frostgrave Thursday night.

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