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Monday, October 5, 2015

Reaper's: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

Reaper calls her Hyrekia and as I like that name so shall I. She's from the Bones line and is one there best human sculptures.  Right now I don't have any particular plans for this figure but I did like her look so I picked her up.  She might go in the display box at work or home or she could find work in my proxy war band for the Frostgrave campaign(the one that helps break in new players)
 I was impressed with the sculpting on the hair and I think managed to paint up to the level of the sculpture.  I decided to make her a red head as it just seemed to fit.
 I like her gear, a a practical bag, a copper mug, and a small pouch... enough to imply she has what she needs but that she also values mobility.
Her weapons are interesting... I don't think that staff with its ornate top piece is really a battle weapon but she carries a blade and the hilt style and length suggest it might be a Wakizashi type, it gives her a little extra exotic flare.

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