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Friday, October 30, 2015

An Idea for the Frostgrave campaign

This grew out of a discussion on the Lead adventure forum and I wanted to share it here for your comments and suggestions.

Idea: Limit the Purchase of Magic Items
Rational: It seems odd that people go crawling around a ruined city risking life and limb when anything you can find there can be bought for cold hard cash.   The group will have to determine for it self exactly what is available to buy but here are my suggestions:

           Potion: all potion except for Elixir of Life should be available for purchase as all can be created by the spell Brew Potion presumably there are witches and other wizards who make their living brewing and selling them to their more adventurous brethren.

           Scrolls and Grimoires: All of these should be available by the same rational as that governing potions above.

           Weapons and Armor: any Weapon providing a +1 to fight should be available as should any armor or shield providing a +1 to armor should be available as they can be produce using spells from the Enchanter list.  Ring and Cloak of protection, and any weapon or armor with an enchantment of greater than +1 should not be available for purchase

             Magic Items:  None of these should be available for general purchase as there are no know spells to produce them clearly they are great artifacts left over from the old days.

If a player has an item he doesn't want Say a staff of casting for a spell he doesn't have or doesn't use he or she can sell it (as per the book) and it would then be available to other players for purchase (at the price indicated in the book).   One might think twice about selling an item if it might turn up in an opposing war-band...

Objections:  Someone will have to do the record keeping, good luck could give a player a special item that no one can match because they don't roll it up on the treasure table.

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