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Friday, October 16, 2015

Frostgrave Campaign 4: Dealing with Rodents

 Once more Thinneth entered the ruins of frost grave. This time most of the terrain in Dave's but you can see some of my pieces as well. My Spell list and party are unchanged from the last game.
 My wizard is to the left with two thieves and my Barbarian Drazenko, my apprentice Ap Rosser is with our trusty rabbit man ranger Lucian and our Animal Companion Bumby,  the Archer Rou also suports his team. My Treasure hunter and final archer are to the right and my war hound Miska is between the two group.
 What is this small mouse like men coming to steal our cheese!.... I mean treasure.
 Thinneth and her party move up and snatch one treasure... Mean while Ap Rosser casts telekinesis and....
drops a treasure token right in Aelric's lap... Aelric scampers off on turn one with our first token. 
 Sandy use leap to get one of her treasure hunters up to the token on the hill but Thinneth used Telekinesis to send it into the hands of her thief ally... Bumby is after a mousling who shot Miska badly and Lucian and moving to support him.  Sandy's elemtalist wizard is moving up the right side of the board after that last token near my apprentice...
 I just can't help myself I have to go after "isolated" soldier... but other mice move up and Sandy's apprentice uses a Decay Scroll to disarm me! Thinneth goes down to their blades and sharp rodent teeth... (Fortunately I had no ill effect from the  survival roll after the game)
Telekinesis again gets treasure  away from the mouslings and Sandy opts to retreat.  I Got off 5 spells in total this game a new high... Thinneth despite stats that say she should be good at hand to hand fighting failed again there.  I also scoped up 4 treasure tokens.  I gained a 505 Gold Crows, 2 Scrolls Plane Walk (sold for 100 GC) and Control Undead;  I also got two Grimores Heal (which I already have so it was sold) and Embed Enchantment.  I also used my earnings to buy the Grimore for the Grenade spell.

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