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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Statues for the Living Museam

Once again we have some stuff you guys have seen a little bit in WIP  Posting but here at long last are my six statues for the Living Museum scenario from the Frostgrave book.  When not acting as constructs they can serve nicely as terrain. 
 I did three in stone...
There in Bronze 
 First up is a Bones Figure by Reaper called Eric the Initiate Paladin, he could have made a commander type but I thought the pose suggested a statue
 There is a lot of good detail on the figure and I might get another to use as Knight or Templar at some point.  The base needs a another coat of paint but other wise he is ready to go.
 I promise to try and get some better pictures as this is a great figure.  Its one of Annie's new Berserker 'ladies." I got her along with the replacement arm for another shield maiden I ordered form Annie.
 I'm not a huge fan of duel-wielding a sword and ax, it would be difficult combination to manage but for striking an intimating pose it works great and a living statue isn't concerned with physics.
 Here once again is the Lady of Mercia removed from her monument square.  The magnet in the base lets me move her but it also creates a small gap... I don't know if its a problem but I'm not entirely stratified with the result.
 The first Bronze statue is the Female Paladin by reaper, I removed the broken stone head she was standing on.  I think she would look a little silly if painted as flesh and blood but...
 as a statue of some ancient war goddess she looks pretty darn cool.
 The second Bronze is another Reaper piece though I cannot find what they call the figure.  I really like this one and almost changed my plans an painted her as a living person.  I like here reasonable out fit and her pose that of a warrior taking a step back from the fight to grab a breather while assessing the odds and opportunities.
 I painted all the Bronze figures with Vallejo Bronze, then a dry brush of light yellow green followed buy a dry brush of bronze.  I am very pleased with the results, they look weathered but not overly so.
 The Final Bronze is from Heritage figures I picked it up as part of a set at the Huzzah Yard sale.  I think he is supposed to be a Norse soldier in service to Byzantium
I when with him to added an antique looking statue (compared to the others) with a different style of sculpting. His dynamic stance is a contrast to the others and liked that was well.  As always comments and thoughts are welcome.

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