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Friday, October 30, 2015

Frostgrave Campaign game 6: Witch Rematch

This time I found my self playing my first game opponent Dave's Dwarven Witch warband, as may remember this was a relatively bloodless battle as both Dave and I favored finesse and movement over brute force. I forgot to get a set up photo so we will dive right into the action.
 Thinneth, Drazenko and Aelric matk their way up the left side wary of a pair of skeletons to the left, Thinneth uses Telekinesis to snatch a treasure token and drop it at Aelric's feet.
 Lucian is taking the high ground while Ap Rossr and Bumby move up the center Dave has dropped fog keeping me from snagging a treasure token in the monument square.
 Rou takes down a skeleton with a well aimed shot
 Dave is moving in on the center of the board as is my war hound Miska.
 There is a wraith on the table but right now its just wandering around.
 Wolves rush in and start gnawing on one of Dave's men at arms while one of his men grabs a token.
 Drzenko dispatches the second skeleton.
 Dave's thief takes a treasure and Arnulf (one of my archers) hits Dave's second man at arms.
Bumby locks down the thief and its treasure (Dave will use leap to get him out of combat and then off the board on subsequent rounds)
 Dave's hound locks Ap Rosser in combat and he is in serious trouble with 2 hit points (Fred who was playing my apprentice to learn the game roll terribly all night).
 Thinneth who does not want a reputation for losing apprentices moves in and wacks the dwarve's war-hound hard.  Mean while my thief and war hound have secured another treasure token and dealt with an Ice Spider.
 Ap Rosser Break free and moves over using Telekinesis to drop the last treasure token in Samo Harfoot's lap.  The have to tangle with a lone thief from Dave's band but Drazenko is able to run interference for Samo (though he lost the fight and was down to 5 hp)
 Thineth dispatches the war- hound and the rest of the war-band retreats.
Dave is falling back as well as I have good postion and he has two badly wounded Men-at-Arms.  If Dave's Templar had been healthy he might have fought more aggressively.  I got 5 tokens and Dave got tow I have a nice pile of 420 Crowns and 3 new spells I can learn: Spell eater, Plane Walk, and Control Construct.  I also got Elemental shield which I already know so that can be sold.

We had two other games going and Mike set up a truly awesome table were Sandra and Dj's Mouslings did battle

 I need more vertical terrain int really adds to the game.

 Yes he is hangin out a window climbing the tower.

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