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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scratch built Frostgrave Ruins

Another building project to keep the board interesting.  I had been thinking a lot about how I could get more ruins with the materials at hand and this is what I cam up with
I took cork board, out lined some "panels" with match sticks and then added white glue and aquarium gravel (I have a lot of this).  The piece on the right was put together using super glue I don't recommend this as its efficient created some significant fumes.  I did it to get my self a proof of concept piece quickly.
 Waiting as they say is the hardest part, the upper part I left plain figuring it would work as stucco.  You see this style in some parts of Europe (or I think I have in photos... but I am going form memory not current research.
 One problem with my earlier production was the small amount of rubble... I am working to correct this as you can see.
 Second building is started my intention is for these to line up so they can make a single "structure"
 The interior tooth picks seem reasonable in real life building and in this case help the wall stand up as it is glued down
 I wanted walls on at least two sides so I built another short one... note the hole created using an exacto knife in the cork. Its so easy to work with and shape.
 Read to prime.. waist pieces are getting primed too for use as rubble.

 I went black this time for Primer color
 Neutral gray for the outside stone work
 I used sky gray for the stucco color and flat brown or beige brown for the wood
 then my new favorite trick... tiles printed on paper
 Then more rubble
 and more rubble but being careful to give figures the space for footing
 Blue for the exterior wood and Iraqi Sand for the exterior stucco.
 Then a sky gray over brush on the stones followed by a dray brush on every thing with silver gray.
 Snow effects give the building the right Frostgrave look it also helps to cover the seams between pieces of paper.
 A little silver gray dry brushing on the tiles helps sell the drifted snow..
I did just a little more dry brushing again using silver gray on the stones and posts
 Two final photos to show how these can work together as a single structures or they could work apart...
This was probably a pretty nice house at some point...

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