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Monday, October 12, 2015

The New Apprentice

So as you may recall in my second game of the campaign I lost my apprentice and rolled he was dead not just mostly dead.  This left me looking for a new apprentice. 
 As my wizard is a girl of action I wanted a figure that would both complement and contrast with her. 
This fellow who I thin think Reaper calls "male assassin"  seemed to fit the bill. I've named him "Ap Rosser"  The green in his cloak is the same as the green of her bodice/armor.  But while she suggest economy of motion he strikes dramatic pose.
I like the Dagger forward stance as its one I use when I fence, its good for tricking your opponent into thinking he is out of rant then a quick step forward and he fines himself fending off you sword.
Unlike the brightly dressed elf wizard the half elf apprentice dresses in subdued practical colors (other than the jewel-tone green cloak).  Had I know this fellow would be getting a crushed leg in his first game I might have gone in another direction but we will stick with him

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