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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Frostgrave Campaign 2 Enchanter vs. Elementalist

Tonight I faced Tom's Elementalist on  smaller board I had My Enchanter and her Apprentice, a Snow Leopard Animal companion, a Barbarian, a Treasure Hunter, two Rangers, two Thieves and an Archer in my war band. I did well with initial set up and my first turn move securing 3 treasure token on turn one
Turn 2 I cast one of my only successful spells using Telekinesis to pull a 4th treasure token into my grasp. I should have been all set! But my die rolling was poor my barbarian got whacked hard by the bear
But a ranger did take out an Armored skeleton as my treasure hunter and Apprentice protected one thief with a treasure token
To used Fast Act to get his solider moving off with a token.
My leopard joins the fray and also got smacked hard
Driving off Skeletons
I took a snipe at Toms wizard and nicked him for minor damage
My archer took out the last skeleton...
My wizard tried push to drive of the bear but... I failed to cast and took damage.
Tom then blasted my poor apprentice with elemental ball killing him.
The Ghoul then attacked tom's wizard...
and I sniped him in the solder phase... I should have cut and run... but I empowered the spell strength and tried to get some more XP for wizard by engaging in hand to hand
I had what should have been a good match up my wizard and her leopard against a war hound... but I didn't get the quick kill.  My Treasure hunter took down a Thug...
But Tom got his archer in to help and killed my leopard... I wasn't able to win with my wizard and run...
and I found myself surrounded.  I did a foolish thing picking a fight when I had not need to. Tom killed my wizard and made me pay for it. Tom also took out one of my rangers... My apprentice rolled up as permanently dead and my Wizard was badly wounded meaning I have to skip a game or pay 100 GC but I got lots of cash 725 GC in all and to Grimories.  Sadly they are not spell I find very useful... Restore life sounds really useful but I have a casting target number of 24! Possess is more handy but with a casting number of 16 I don't know that I will use it too often.  If the rules allowed I would sell them.

We had three other table going I am happy to report

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