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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Arts of War at the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology

Yesterday Ariana and I made a trip into Harvard to check out a cool exhibit called the Arts of War.  They had a lot of very neet items.
This is a Tlingit armor made of wood... not something I would want to wear but its quite cool looking.. there are faces everywhere on it
Including one to watch his back.
Three different styles of African shields Massi, Tuareg , and Zulu
Axes and Daggers of various types
Swords from a variety of cultures. (see below)

Other bladed weapons, knives and exotic bladed weapons form the far east and aftaica.
More shields.
and headdresses. Not really armor unless its of a spiritual type.
The mace head both decorative and deadly
Various club styles man's first weapon and on of the most enduring.
More clubs.
Warriors gear from the Gilbert Islands of the Pacific.  swordan and arm guard with shark teeth and a helmet made from a puffer fish... don't hug this guy!
Moro Armor and spear.
Tomahawk that was once owned by the the Sioux Warrior or an Chief Red Cloud
"Modern" weapon that Algerian Musket is especially cool
Tlingit armor made with chinese coins form 4 different emperors. 
Chinese armor similar to that shown on the terracotta warriors.
Spanish Conquistador armor  too bad I couldn't get the fine etching on this.

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