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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cuthwulf's Final battle?

 After a long break John and I returned to our Dux Britanniarum campaign Cuthwulf was laying siege to the town of Catherick in Northern Britton.  Antoninous has at last gathered troops for a last attempt to break the siege before snow flies.
 The Britton break from the trees on to the battle field.
 The pre Battle phase goes mostly my way Wulfric my champion defeats Uther and wounds him badly, My speech is good so I get an extra card and level of status, John's speech bombs lowering his status by one...
 We advance towards each other.
 The Brittons are moving cautiously forming shield walls were they can...  
 I see a chance and one of my elite units moves up to attack....
 I really didn't think these guys should be able to move up in support my feeling is the men in front of them would have gotten in the way. But as we couldn't find anything certian in the rules we diced for it and John got the call
 My ealites are in tourble and Wulfgeat and his two bands of warriors are also in some dificulty
 I consider trying to save my men... but John uses the step forth card destroying that unit.
 I fall back in stead.
 You may be wondering were Eaglmound and my two other bands of warriors are... they are working around the Briton flank
 Cuthwulf see the Britons have learned... they hold their formation shield to shield...
 My only chance is the Flank attack...
 But John can see that two an moves to counter..
 Still I break on unit of levies... Using the Goad card to counter the shield wall.
 More men work around the Briton Flank....
 Wulfgeat moves to support Eaglemund While Cuthwulf tries to keep the main Briton line fixed.
 Eagle mound falls back not willing to fight the shield wall with just one unit...
 John follows up, I do a good bit of damage but one of my units breaks and runs..
 Then the Britons break their shield wall and rush to take on Wulfgeat... the small unit on the left break first...
The Wulfgeat and his men are overwhelmed... My army moral break and Cuthwulf really didn;t even get into the fight.  With that my men desert  me, I am a king with out a kingdom I had a good run but tonight despite fairly good tactic my dice were petty cold and John's dice were pretty hot.  John also made excellent use of shield wall. That is the end of the Campaign but maybe Cuthwulf will ride again some day.  Congratulations John on a excellent game and an excellent campaign victory

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